About Firucci

Firucci is a family-owned wholesale company which was established in 1981 to provide exclusive and high-quality fashion jewellery and accessories to the Australian & New Zealand markets.

Our gorgeous European Fashion Jewellery is designed and made entirely in France, Italy and Spain. Firucci's jewellery is created from nickel-free brass metal, Austrian/Swarovski crystals, Venetian glass beads and antique-inspired components. We also carry one of the largest collection of lustrous crystal-based Spanish pearls in Australia. These vegan pearls are hand-made in Mallorca and are a perfect recreation of a real pearl without impacting on marine life.

Firucci's Evening/Event bag collection merges current fashion trends with a classic design focus. We pride ourselves on using high-quality fabrics, fittings and linings and design each bag with the intention of creating something beautiful and unique for our customers.

Firucci releases two collections every year, one in February for Autumn & Winter and another in August for Spring & Summer. We launch our new collections at various trade fairs throughout Australia.